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Five signs your partner may be struggling with drugs

Drug abuse has become a problem that doesn’t appear to be going away anytime soon, and often we may not even see it in our partner before it’s too late.

As the fentanyl crisis in the USA is proving, addiction can affect anyone as people turn to them for all manner of reasons.

Across the gay community that has long been the case, with official data even suggesting that drug use across the LGBTQ+ community is up to four times as high as heterosexuals.

That’s for various reasons, from the normalisation of partying behaviour to the self-medication aspect of dealing with the depression and anxiety often caused by the prejudices within society.

Whatever the reason though, we all know that abusing drugs can be extremely detrimental to a person’s life and nobody wants to see their loved ones go through it, particularly their partners. So, if you’re worried, and think your loved one may need to go to drug rehab, here are five signs that they could be struggling with drugs…

Changes in Behaviour and Mood

Naturally, one of the first big indicators of drug abuse is the noticable change in behaviour and mood of a person. When it’s a partner it’s especially noticeable, with sudden mood swings, irritability, bouts of anger, or even things like unusual calmness or excessive euphoria can all be signs of something awry.

Pay attention to these changes, alongside any social habits that may be changing. For example, if they are withdrawing from certain activities, isolating themselves or demanding more privacy, then something may not be quite right. It might not be drug addiction, but it’s certainly worth investigating.

Physical Health Decline

What you’ll find is that drug abuse can have a hugely noticable effect on physical appearance, and is one of the true tell-tale signs. You may well observe a decline in overall appearance and personal hygiene of your partner, often including weight loss or gain, bloodshot or glazed eyes, and more unusual body odours.

The likes of trck marks on arms, unexplained injuries and persistent coughs or nosebleeds can also be a result of drug abuse.

Financial Issues

Drugs aren’t cheap, and many people who become addicted fall into financial difficulties. If you’re finding your partner is asking you for money more frequently, or there are unexplained withdrawals from joint accounts, then that could be something to watch out for and raise.

Missing valuables or noticeable borrowing from banks or other friends may also raise suspicion.

Alongside this, frequently missing work and a lack of interest in their job could also be part of such a problem.

Changes in Sleep Patterns

Drug use can severely impact sleep patterns. Your partner might experience insomnia, staying awake for extended periods, or the opposite, where they sleep excessively. Sudden changes in their sleep schedule, such as staying up all night and sleeping all day, can be indicative of substance abuse.

You may also notice restlessness, nightmares, or unusual levels of fatigue. Stimulant drugs can cause hyperactivity and an inability to sleep, while depressants can lead to excessive drowsiness and lethargy.

Deterioration in Relationships and Responsibilities

Substance abuse often leads to a deterioration in relationships and the neglect of responsibilities. You might notice your partner becoming more argumentative, distant, or less communicative. Their ability to maintain their commitments, whether personal or professional, may decline.

They may also exhibit a lack of interest in maintaining the household or participating in routine activities. Neglect of responsibilities, such as missing appointments, neglecting chores, or failing to meet deadlines, can be significant indicators of a deeper issue.

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