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COP26-inspired Droitwich Christmas Sleigh is greener than ever before as it starts its tour

Droitwich Editorial 1st Dec, 2021   0

AS THE Droitwich Spa Christmas Sleigh starts its journey around the town this evening, it will be the most environmentally friendly it has been in its 50-year history.

The sleigh has been delighting children (young and old) for half a century and now – after a dramatic overhaul – it has a battery generator, rather than a petrol one for the first time.

Clearly inspired by recent events at COP26 in Glasgow, new low energy lighting and sound systems have been fitted.

The team have been working hard in preparation and it was only last night declared ready for its annual seasonal journey.

The sleigh is jointly managed by Droitwich Lions and Rotary Clubs and the venture is assisted by several organisations in the town.

As well as now being a green, clean festive cheer spreading machine, it has also raised tens of thousands of pounds for local charities over the years.

Santa will be back with a fuller schedule after last year’s scaled back operations to ensure everyone stayed safe.

Again, this year there will only be a small number of non-stop drive rounds of the sleigh and the routes are available to view on the Droitwich Spa Christmas Sleigh Facebook page, the Rotary Club of Droitwich Spa website and Droitwich Lions website. These will generally keep to main roads but will be visiting more than last year.

Sadly the man in the big red suit will not be knocking on doors or handing out treats to the boys and girls.

As with other years, buckets are available to make donations to local charities and, in keeping with 2021, there will also be an online Droitwich Spa Christmas Sleigh JustGiving page and a QR Code (below) to make giving as easy as possible.

In addition, there will be static days in the town centre on December 10 and 11 near to Morrisons and on December 17 and 18 near Waitrose.

On these days contactless card readers will be available for anyone who wishes to donate. It is vital that social distancing is observed when visiting the sleigh on these days.

The latest information will be posted on Droitwich Spa Christmas Sleigh Facebook group.

Once again live tracking after proving very popular last year.

None of the updating of the sleigh would have been possible without the amazing help and generosity of Chris Sparkes and the team at PSS and they are owed a giant thanks.

People are urged to share the dates and times to give Father Christmas as good a reception possible and to give generously to benefit the good causes.

The opening run will be around the Celvestune Way area.

Among the roads being covered (although it will not go along the length of all of them) are Avondale, Calder Close, Danube Close, Derwent Grove, Glendale, Grafson Place, Hawford Place, Lahn Drive, Monnow Close, Mosel Drive, Severndale, Teesdale Close, Teme Crescent, Thames Drive, Trent Close, Waveney Road, Welland Close, Wensleydale, Wharfedale Crescent, Wye Close.

To check out when Father Christmas will be visiting your road, we have printed the Lions’ and Rotary’s list of individual roads and dates below (in alphabetical order).

Abberley Drive K Dec 3

Abitot Place I Dec 9

Addenbrooke Road H Dec 10

Addyes Close/Green L Dec 16.

Adrian Close. E Dec 14

Albert Street H Dec 10

Alder Grove D Dec 5

Alderbrook Road J Dec 12.

Alexander Avenue K Dec 3.

Anne Thomas Crescent I Dec 9

Archers Close J Dec 12.

Arkle Road/Close D Dec 5

Arrow Croft J Dec 12.

Ashendon Close E Dec 14

Austin Drive I Dec 9

Avondale C Dec 1

Badger End A Dec 15

Bagehott Road/Close L Dec 16

Bainbrigge Avenue F Dec 8

Barnscroft Way J Dec 12.

Bays Meadow G Dec 7

Belfry Road D Dec 5

Berrill Close D Dec 5

Birch Coppice D Dec 5

Blackfriars Avenue H Dec 10

Blackthorne Close D Dec 5

Blake Avenue K Dec 3

Bluebell Close A Dec 15

Bourne Close H Dec 10

Bowden Green L Dec 16

Bower Hill K Dec 3.

Brantwood Road/Close D Dec 5

Brecon Close J Dec 12.

Broadheath Close L Dec 16

Broadmeadow K Dec 3.

Bromsgrove Road G Dec 7

Bruton Avenue I Dec 9

Burrish Street H Dec 10

Calder Close C Dec 1

Camp Furlong/Hill K Dec 3.

Cedar Close D Dec 5

Centenary Way I Dec 9.

Chalverton Court J Dec 12.

Charlecot Road E Dec 14

Charles Dickens Close L Dec 16

Charles Henry Road F Dec 8

Charlotte Bronte Road L Dec 16

Chawson Pleck Road K Dec 3.

Cherry Close F Dec 8

Chestnut Spinney D Dec 5

Chorley Road G Dec 7

Church Road G Dec 7

Churchill Avenue K Dec 3.

Clayhall Road D Dec 5

Clee View H Dec 10.

Clifford Road/Close L Dec 16

Clover Close A Dec 15

Clydesdale Road/Close D Dec 5

Cobham Court E Dec 14

Cockshute Hill F Dec 8

Coleford Close J Dec 12.

College Green K Dec 3.

Columbine Road A Dec 15

Conbridge Close I Dec 9.

Coneygreen Mews I Dec 9.

Coppice Close ALL B Dec 2

Corbett Avenue E Dec 14

Corbett Street E Dec 14

Cowslip Gardens A Dec 15

Crofters ALL B Dec 2

Crutch Lane G Dec 7

Cuckoo Close A Dec 15

Cuphill Close A Dec 15

Danube Close C Dec 1

Deer Grove A Dec 15

Derwent Grove C Dec 1

Dodderhill Court Drive G Dec 7

Dodderhill Road G Dec 7

Dodington Drive I Dec 9.

Dormouse Fields A Dec 15

Douglas Close I Dec 9.

Dove Crescent A Dec 15

Dovecote Road E Dec 14

Doverdale Close H Dec 10

Dovey Close I Dec 9.

Dowles Croft J Dec 12.

Drovers Way ALL B Dec 2

Dugard Way L Dec 16

Dunclent Close I Dec 9.

East Park Drive B Dec 2

Elgar Crescent L Dec 16

Elizabeth Avenue F Dec 8

Enid Blyton Corner L Dec 16

Evertons Close K Dec 3.

Fabricius Avenue H Dec 10

Falcon Close E Dec 14

Falstaff Drive L Dec 16

Farmers Court ALL B Dec 2

Farriers Close ALL B Dec 2

Florence Avenue K Dec 3.

Fox Avenue A Dec 15

Foxglove Avenue A Dec 15

Foxhunter Close D Dec 5

Friar Street G Dec 7

Geoffrey Chaucer Walk L Dec 16

Glendale C Dec 1

Godwin Close I Dec 9.

Goldcrest Way A Dec 15

Gorse Close D Dec 5

Grafson Place C Dec 1

Greenbank F Dec 8

Gresley Close I Dec 9.

Gresley Way I Dec 9.

Grosvenor ALL D Dec 5

Hammond Close D Dec 5

Hampton Road H Dec 10

Hanbury Street/Terrace/Road G Dec 7

Hare Close A Dec 15

Harris Close H Dec 10

Hartland Drive I Dec 9.

Hawford Place C Dec 1

Hawthorn Walk D Dec 5

Hazel Close D Dec 5

Hedgehog Way A Dec 15

Hedmag Croft I Dec 9.

Henley Drive D Dec 5

Heron Place G Dec 7

Herriotts Court/Lane F Dec 8

Highfields Close E Dec 14

Hipkiss Gardens J Dec 12.

Holloway Close F Dec 8

Holly Close D Dec 5

Home Piece J Dec 12.

Homestead K Dec 3.

Honeymans Gardens J Dec 12.

HuntersClose ALL B Dec 2

Impney Way/Green G Dec 7

Inett Way B Dec 2

Isaacs Way L Dec 16

Jackdaw Lane E Dec 14

Jenny Wren Row A Dec 15

Kestrel Crescent E Dec 14

King George Avenue E Dec 14

Kingcup Fields A Dec 15

Kingston Close D Dec 5

Lahn Drive C Dec 1

Langley Road E Dec 14

Lark Piece A Dec 15

Laurelwood Road/Close D Dec 5

Lawley Way K Dec 3

Ledwych Road/Close/Gardens J Dec 12.

Leigh Grove J Dec 12.

Leofric Court I Dec 9.

Ley Croft D Dec 5

Lilac Close D Dec 5

Little Hill/Court/Green J Dec 12.

Little Park K Dec 3.

Long Sling K Dec 3.

Lyttelton Road E Dec 14

Mallard Place G Dec 7

Manning Road H Dec 10

Manor Close F Dec 8

Mantle Close I Dec 9.

Maple Grove D Dec 5

Marhon Close D Dec 5

May Tree Hill D Dec 5

Mayflower Road F Dec 8

Maynard Drive I Dec 9.

Meadow Way ALL B Dec 2

Miller Street H Dec 10

Minter Avenue H Dec 10

Monnow Close C Dec 1

Moreland Road H Dec 10

Mosel Drive C Dec 1

Mulberry Tree Hill D Dec 5

Netherwich Gardens J Dec 12.

Neville Close I Dec 9.

New Chawson Lane J Dec 12.

Newland Drive E Dec 14

Newland Road (to Windsor} D Dec 5

Newland Road(to Windsor) E Dec 14

Nightingale Close E Dec 14

Nuffield Drive B Dec 2

Nunnery Avenue H Dec 10

Oakham Drive/Place/Green J Dec 12.

Oakland Avenue E Dec 14

Oakleigh Road J Dec 12.

Old Coach Road H Dec 10

Ombersley Road H Dec 10

Ombersley Street West H Dec 10

Orchard Rise K Dec 3.

Oxlip Row A Dec 15

Packington Close I Dec 9.

Packington Road H Dec 10

Paddock ALL B Dec 2

Padgewell Hill K Dec 3.

Park Way B Dec 2

Parling Drive I Dec 9.

Parsons Corner K Dec 3.

Pelham Road K Dec 3.

Penrice Road K Dec 3.

Percheron Way D Dec 5

Petersfield Drive F Dec 8

Pilgrim Road F Dec 8

Piper Close I Dec 9.

Platten Close I Dec 9.

Ploughmans ALL B Dec 2

Portland Road F Dec 8

Prescott Drive I Dec 9.

Pridzor Road/Close G Dec 7

Primrose Gardens A Dec 15

Primsland Drive F Dec 8

Primsland Fields D Dec 5

Princes Avenue E Dec 14

Priory Gardens H Dec 10

Rabbit Croft A Dec 15

Raven Gardens A Dec 15

Ravenscroft Drive F Dec 8

Rebekah Gardens L Dec 16

Ripple Road H Dec 10

Riverside Road/Way G Dec 7

Robeson Close F Dec 8

Robin Meadow A Dec 15

Rose Avenue F Dec 8

Rowan Close D Dec 5

Rushy Close K Dec 3.

Rye Close F Dec 8

Salwarpe Road J Dec 12.

Sandles Road/Close L Dec 16

Sarah Close L Dec 16

Scholars Walk K Dec 3.

Severn Court E Dec 14

Severndale C Dec 1

Sharington Row I Dec 9.

Sharmel Row I Dec 9.

Shepherds ALL B Dec 2

Shire Way D Dec 5

Shirley Jones Close B Dec 2

Shirley Road K Dec 3.

Showell ALL L Dec 16

Shrew Corner A Dec 15

Singer Hill K Dec 3.

Snowdrop Drive A Dec 15

South Park Drive B Dec 2

Spa Road H Dec 10

Sparrow Walk A Dec 15

Squirrel Bank A Dec 15

St Andrews Close/Drive/Road H Dec 10

St Augustines Close/Drive G Dec 7

St Georges Court/Crescent F Dec 8

St Josephs Close J Dec 12.

St Marys Road E Dec 14

St Nicholas Street H Dec 10

St Peters Church Lane F Dec 8

St Peters Crescent/Walk F Dec 8

St Peters Road E Dec 14

St Richards Gardens H Dec 10

Stalls Farm Road H Dec 10

Station Street H Dec 10

Steynors Close/Avenue H Dec 10

Stinton Lea I Dec 9.

Stoat Close A Dec 15

Stoulton Croft J Dec 12.

Suffolk Way D Dec 5

Swallow Place E Dec 14

Swan Drive G Dec 7

Tagwell Close E Dec 14

Tagwell Gardens E Dec 14

Tagwell Grange E Dec 14

Tagwell Heights E Dec 14

Tagwell Road E Dec 14

Teasel Close A Dec 15

Teesdale Close C Dec 1

Teme Crescent C Dec 1

Thames Drive C Dec 1

Thatchers ALL B Dec 2

The Butts K Dec 3.

The Dale K Dec 3.

The Firs J Dec 12.

The Holloway F Dec 8

The Oaklands K Dec 3

The Orchardlea F Dec 8

The Parklands E Dec 14

The Ridgeway F Dec 8

The Tyning K Dec 3.

The Waterfront G Dec 7

Trehearne Road F Dec 8

Trent Close C Dec 1

Trimnel Green K Dec 3.

Trymnell Place I Dec 9.

Union Lane H Dec 10

Valentine Close D Dec 5

Valley Way J Dec 12.

Vashon Drive I Dec 9.

Vernon Grove J Dec 12.

Victoria Avenue E Dec 14

Vines Lane West G Dec 7

Vines Lane/Mews G Dec 7

Waterside/Close G Dec 7

Waveney Road C Dec 1

Weasel Avenue A Dec 15

Weaver Close F Dec 8

Wedgeberrow Close H Dec 10

Welland Close C Dec 1

Wensleydale C Dec 1

West Street H Dec 10

Westbury Avenue J Dec 12.

Westmead Close J Dec 12.

Westwood Avenue E Dec 14

Westwood Close B Dec 2

Wey Close/Place J Dec 12.

Wharfedale Crescent C Dec 1

Wildlife Way A Dec 15

Willets Road D Dec 5

William Shakespeare Place L Dec 16

Willow Drive D Dec 5

Windsor Road E Dec 14

Winslow Avenue F Dec 8

Witton Avenue K Dec 3.

Woodedge Drive A Dec 15

Woodfield Rd G Dec 7

Woodfields G Dec 7

Woodland Way A Dec 15

Woodmans ALL B Dec 2

Worcester Road PART E Dec 14

Wych Road K Dec 3.

Wye Close C Dec 1

Yew Tree Hill D Dec 5

York Avenue (to Windsor) E Dec 14

York Avenue(to Maple D Dec 5




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